Eurosatory 2018: ITS releases the Cherub versatile fusion core

At Eurosatory 2018, Innovative Technical Solutions BV (ITS) is proudly releasing their latest product called Cherub. Cherub is a very compact, extreme low latency, versatile fusion core. Due to the modular design, this core can be integrated in a wide variety of systems. Handheld, wearables, target acquisition, driver- and local situational awareness systems to name a view.

Cherub at eurosatory 2018
ITS' new Cherub versatile fusion core at Eurosatory 2018

The core is designed around ITS’ proprietary fusion engine which allows for extreme low latency. A Full HD colour or monochrome CMOS sensor and QVGA or VGA micro bolometer are the available sensors. They can be independently operated or the operator can utilize the smart fusion. When smart fusion is selected, the ITS algorithms quickly analyse detail and contrast in each frame to determine where and how to fuse and to what degree. A wide variety of video processing options are also available for the operator and the system allows for overlays etc.

The optional SDK allows OEM’s to create their own user space and user interfaces. Embedded Linux allows for full camera control. Another unique item is the “Shutterless NUC” that is used by the thermal camera inside the core. Again smart algorithms analyse the thermal image and take care of the NUC so a mechanical shutter is not needed anymore.

The unit is either available in a compact housing and can be integrated directly or as a modular board camera core where everything can be tethered to fit in an even wider variety of end user systems. It’s available in two types, with an OLED display or HD-SDI output with RS232 interface for control.

Cherub will be a “game-changer” with regards to sensor fusion. Because of the compact and modular design, this core is suitable for integration in a wide line of products. Present vehicle programs all over the world could benefit from this development as thermal and low light fusion are now available in one core for a very favourable price. The core is also very easy to integrate since all the provisions for integration are available. OEM manufacturers could simply upgrade their existing cameras with this new core or quickly develop new cameras.