Eurosatory 2018: IRND ODINN MK2 60/100 robotic thermal weapon sighting system spotlighted

At Eurosatory 2018, held last week in Paris (France), the Belgium-based company IR&D, a key actor in the design and manufacture of intelligent thermal sighting and surveillance systems, was disclosing its new ODINN MK2 60/100 robotic thermal weapon sighting system. 

Eurosatory 2018 IRND ODINN MK2 60 100 robotic thermal weapon sighting system spotlighted 001
ODINN MK2 60/100 robotic thermal weapon sighting system
(Picture source IR&D)

IR&D's ODINN МК2 60/100 —multifunctional robotized thermal sighting system, designed for civil or military purposes, can be mounted on any type of small arms and provides:

- Target detection, recognition and identification ;
- Target range measurement ;
- Atmospheric parameters measurement (temperature, pressure, humidity);
- Full ballistic calculation and wind forecast;
- Sight shooting in manual and semi-auto modes;
- Terrain orientation, navigation, determination of the target coordinates and target designation;
- Automatic photo and video fixation;
- Remote control;

ODINN МК2 60/100 is a modern hi-tech element base of the electronic unit and advanced functional capabilities in one compact device. Thermal imaging sensor, laser rangefinder, meteorological station, Linux OS based computer, ballistic calculator, GPS module, 3-axis gyro sensor, G meter, electronic compass, interfaces of remote control, communication and data transfer are integrated into minimal size and weight shockproof and waterproof aluminum-magnesium alloy case.

The ODINN МК2 60/100 is an easy-operating multifunctional device in which the entire process from preparation to the shot is completely automated. Sensitive video sensor will automatically detect camouflaged or partially concealed target at any time of day and laser rangefinder measures distance in the most adverse weather conditions: snow, rain, fog, dust-storm, high humidity or heat. Ballistic calculator will automatically replace reticle taking into account the measured range, elevation angle, atmospheric pressure, air temperature and humidity, ballistic characteristics of selected ammunition, wind speed and direction. All that remains to be done by user is to coincide center of the aiming mark with target and pull the trigger.

ODINN МК2 60/100 opens new horizons of the extra-long-range shooting, you get an advantage outside of the human possibility bounds, which is inaccessible even to an experienced shooter.


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