Less Lethal weapons Flash-ball Super Pro and Launcher-40 of Verney-Carron at Eurosatory 2016

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13 - 17 June 2016
Verney-Carron at Eurosatory 2016
Less Lethal weapons Flash-ball Super Pro and Launcher-40 of Verney-Carron at Eurosatory 2016
Verney-Carron a French weapons-manufacturing company based in Saint-Etienne which has been making firearms under that name since 1820 presents two non-lethal weapons Flash-ball Super Pro and Launcher-40 during the live demonstration of Eurosatory 2016, the international land and airland defence and security exhibition in Paris, France.
Eurosatory Live Demonstration Verney carron 640 001Verney-Carron's Launcher-40 at Eurosatory 2016 live demonstration

The French Company Verney-Carron is the designs and producer of the famous "flash-ball" riot-control less lethal rubber bullet gun widely used by French police forces since 2000. Flash-Ball is a registered trademark for a nominally non-lethal hand-held weapon used mainly by law enforcement officers in riot situations as an alternative to lethal firearms, baton rounds, and plastic bullets.

The Flash-Ball Super Pro is a two barrels 44mm caliber non lethal-weapon using rubber or felt ball. This is a less lethal weapon especially designed to be used by police or security forces during law enforcement or riot control operations.

The design of the Flash-Ball Super Pro is ergonomic and used a double action system as a standard pistol which offers single-hand use and makes accidental firing almost impossible. It has a length of 33 cm and weight of 1.550 kg.

The Flash-Ball Super Pro is easy to use with higher maneuverability and amazing handlings thanks to the 2 short barrels. There is an ergonomic pistol grip and the weapon is designed for left and right user. The top of the barrel is fitted with rear and front sighting system.
The Launcher 40 is a less lethal projectile launcher also developed and manufactured by the French Company Verney-Carron. It has a very compact design offering high level of maneuverability with a length from 33 to 55 cm and a maximum weight of 1.650 kg.

The front and sides of the barrel is fitted with Picatinny rail system to added different types of accessories as flash light, laser system, grips, shoulder supports etc.

The Launcher 40 is fitted with an adjustable stock and an ergonomic pistol grip designed for right and left handed user.