Eurosatory 2016: Bull presents SICS BMS for the French Army Scorpion programme

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 Eurosatory 2016: Bull presents SICS BMS for the French Army Scorpion programme

Stelios Kanavakis - Senior Defence Analyst

Bull Atos Technologies is showcasing its SICS (Scorpion Combat Système Information) Battle Management System developed for the French Army Scorpion programme. The system is currently under development. It was designed to replace the five C2 systems currently in use by the army. 


Bull presents the SICS BMS for the French Army Scorpion programme 1 


All the units using the SICS will be able to exchange real-time information in a secure, simplified, ergonomic and intuitive environment. The exchange of data will be through the current PR4G and the CONTACT radio system which will be available the near future. Nevertheless, being a platform agnostic system, it will be ready for use through any other radio system.

The first sample of the software will be delivered for testing by DGA, the French Defence Procurement Agency, in one month. In 2017 the first software will be delivered to some of the French Army units for extensive trials, prior to full delivery to the army in 2018.

Given that the system will provide improved Command and Control capabilities to the dismounted soldiers, it will be delivered to services such as the infantry, the engineers, the logistics, the special forces etc.

The artillery or air defence units will keep their own C2 systems but they will be able to exchange information with the SICS BMS software.
 Bull presents the SICS BMS for the French Army Scorpion programme 3

The special forces will use their own version of the system. In its basic form it is the same as that used by the rest of the services. Nevertheless, it will feature some additional functions (e.g. guidance data for air droppable forces). Although the special forces will be able to acquire data from the army sensors, they will not fully share their own data with the rest of the forces.

The SICS Battle Management System will be used from the dismounted soldier up to the unit level but it will be integrated to the French Army’s C2 resources to allow interoperability with higher echelons of command and other services, as well as the ALAT helicopters; VBMR, EBRC and VBCI vehicles; and the FELIN as well.

The French Army will also acquire new ruggedized laptops, tablets and touchscreens, which will be distributed by ELEXO.