Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters Association SSI at Eurosatory 2014

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Eurosatory 2014
International Exhibition of Land Defence & Security

16 - 20 June 2014
Paris, France
SSI Turkish Defense Industry at Eurosatory 2014
Monday, June 16, 2014 11:59 AM
Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters Association (SSI) at Eurosatory 2014.
Turkish Defence and aerospace industry is one of the primary sectors which Turkey attaches great importance and advances and grows in the most rapid way. Turkey advances in quick, and determined steps in the fields of defence and aerospace. We have already become a trade mark with our successful partnerships and quality at the global level, well reflected in our products, all produced in Turkey and presented in global markets in originality.
The Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters Association (SSI) includes a large number of sub-business segments such as defense and security systems, software, road, air, and sea vehicles and their equipment, electronic warfare systems, support systems and logistical services, R&D, engineering, and manufacturing services, the defense industry is a key strategic sector which constantly grows and bodes well for our country’s future.

This momentum and uptrend of Turkey started by early 2000s, as the sector began to concentrate more on research and development investments and production at home in place of import policy implemented up to that time, in consequence of a right decision taken by the Turkish government then. Then we, the companies operating in this important sector, began to concentrate our works in critical fields of the defence industry. The companies in the sector continue their works from design and production to modernisation and modification equipped with qualified human resource and high technology. Nowadays, Turkey has become a country that can design and produce its own training aircrafts, unmanned aerial vehicles, tanks, battleships, armoured land vehicles, helicopters, missile systems, infantry rifles, communication and simulation systems and satellites and plays an active role in big international projects.

This is certainly a great success for Turkey, realised in a short time. We are aiming at enhancing this successful global stance and making Turkey a global supplier and player in this sector.

Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters' Association, founded in 2011, makes great efforts to achieve this goal. Our Association unites the exporting companies in defence and aerospace sector under a single roof. We are the real representatives of the sector in this sense. We have made it our main objective to pave the way in the sense that our sector focuses on export-oriented production, increases research and development investments, makes “know-how” its main export item.

Promotion is of great importance for the Turkish defence and aerospace sector. Our Association focuses on promotional activities which is an important tool to be successful and stand out in such competitive markets as they are today. This is why, we have established Turkish Defence Alliance-TDA, our sectoral promotion group. TDA, which is a separate but complementary body, carries out activities to promote Turkish defence and aerospace industry in every possible platform all over the world.

We are very optimistic about the future of the defence and aerospace sector. I’m certain that Turkey will stand out more and more in this sector thanks to our products and projects we bring forward in the global markets on one hand, the promotion activities executed by TDA on the other hand.