Airbus Helicopters the most comprehensive range of helicopters in the world at Eurosatory 2014 28051

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Airbus Helicopter at Eurosatory 2014
Wednesday, May 28, 2014 02:44 PM
Airbus Helicopters the most comprehensive range of helicopters in the world at Eurosatory 2014.
There are currently 12,000 Airbus Helicopters’ aircraft in service in approximately 150 countries. Overall, the Group’s helicopters account for 46 percent of the worldwide civil and parapublic fleet, which represents one out of every two civil helicopters in the world. Airbus Helicopters’ success is based on its comprehensive range of civil and military helicopters that benefit from continuously improving, state-of-the-art technology.
Video NH-90 pilot helicopter interview French Defense Industry Press Tour


In the military field, Airbus Helicopters offers the largest range of products to respond to the multiple missions carried out by armed forces around the globes, with derived versions of civil aircraft as well as specialized aircraft (Tiger and NH90).

More than 160 armed forces worldwide place their trust in Airbus Helicopter’s products. Airbus Helicopters is also the historical partner of the ALAT (French Army Aviation), which operates the largest operational fleet of Airbus Helicopters aircraft.

Deliveries of the Tiger combat helicopter and the NH90 tactical transport helicopter (TTH) are continuing. With 206 Tigers sold and 529 NH90s ordered by the armed forces of 14 countries, these programs are already a huge success on the export market.

The NH90 is a new generation European military helicopter designed for tactical transport (TTH) and naval missions (NFH) manufactured by NHIndustries, an international cooperation associating the know-how of Airbus Helicopters, Agusta Westland and Fokker to design, produce and support the most modern NATO standard helicopter of the 21st century. 529 NH90 have been ordered by 14 countries with approximately 200 helicopters being in service. The fleet in service logged more than 65,000 flight hours.

The NH90 TTH is the most modern and versatile tactical transport helicopter in its class. It can perform a wide spectrum of missions such as utility, troop transport, medevac and search and rescue.

The French army aviation currently operates 10 NH90 TTH “Caimans”. They are based at the Valence, Le Luc and Phalsbourg army bases. The Italian Army successfully operates the NH90 in Afghanistan for transport and medical missions. According to the pilots, the power to weight ratio of this platform and the flexibility of the NH90 in hot and high operational conditions are highly appreciated. The German Army currently operates several NH90s in Afghanistan for medical evacuation missions.

Video Tigre pilot helicopter interview French Defense Industry Press Tour

Highly polyvalent, the Tiger sets the standard for combat helicopter, by offering high level performances in terms of firepower, stealthy, manoeuvrability, versatility and survivability.

With excellent users’ feedback, the Tiger is confirmed as a combat-proven aircraft with Air to Air and Air to Ground unequalled capabilities.

The helicopter already has outstanding operations record both in Close Combat Attack missions and as escort for Utility and Assault Helicopters.

206 Tigers have been sold to four customers (France, Germany, Australia and Spain), confirming it is the state-of-the-art fire support and attack helicopter. The aircraft already demonstrated its mission effectiveness and performance in highly challenging environments.

The 107 delivered Tigers fleet have accumulated more than 50,000 flight hours. Combat proven in military operations in Afghanistan, Libya, Mali and Somalia, the aircraft logged close to 6,000 flight hours during military operations in these countries.

Based on the experience gathered in these high-risk operations, Airbus Helicopters, always focused on its customer’s operational requirements, is proposing improvements on the aircraft in order to adapt its offensive capabilities. The Tiger HAD (Appui Destruction or Attack configuration) is the latest variant of this rotorcraft product line.

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