Enforce TAC: 3e showcases its thermal weapon sights

3e EOS (Electro Optical Systems) from Turkey showcases its thermal weapon sights at Enforce TAC.The exhibition will take place from 7 March till 8 March 2018 and you can discover the 3e products on the stand 1-123, Hall 11 at the Exhibition Center Nürnberg, Germany.

3e Enforce TAC 925 002
The 3e EOS (Electro Optical Systems) GW series Thermal Clip-on sight (Credit 3e)

3E has developped innovative solutions in the field of Day and Thermal sights, Thermal vision, Laser systems  that allows customers to acquire advantage against their target in any situation. 3e focus on the needs of our customers to bring them the best solution.

Among the products showcased on the 3e's booth were the GreyWolf - GW series Thermal Clip-on sight. The GW series has been designed for sniper rifles and can be easily adapted to any day sight systems on a picatinny rail. The main features and specifications of the GW series Thermal Clip-on sight are:

6+ Hours Battery Life
Quick Start-up Time
HD Image Quality
1280x1024 Color OLED Display
Built-in Video Recording
Built-in Image Capturing
Zoom Assist (PiP)
Customizable Reticle
5 Zeroing Profile
Built-in Stadiametric Range Finder
Wireless Video Streaming
Wireless Device Control
User Friendly & Modern Interface
High Recoil Resistance Rating (up to .50 Caliber)

Another interesting product developped by 3e is the BOA 3X Thermal Reflex Sight. This product has been designed for close combat operations, such as assaulting a building. With its 1.69" screen, the system allows the user to see his target while keeping an eye on his environment.

3e Enforce TAC 925 003
The 3e EOS (Electro Optical Syestems) BOA 3x Thermal Reflex Sight (Credit 3e)