NIMR from EDGE Group displays AJBAN 440A patrol vehicle at EDEX 2021

NIMR, an EDGE Group company from UAE, showcases the AJBAN 440A patrol vehicle at EDEX 2021, the Egypt Defense Expo held in Cairo from November 29 to December 3.

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Ajban 440A  is a protected patrol 4x4 vehicle with a four man cabin armoured against IED, blast and ballistic threats (Picture source: NIMR)

The NIMR Ajban Class is a family of 4x4 military and securiy vehicles developed, designed and manufactured by the Company NIMR Automotive in United Arab Emirates. This range of vehicle provides a multipurpose platform for all military requirements at 9 tonnes capacity from utility vehicles to fully protected patrol vehicles. A universal 4x4 chassis is utilised for a common logistic footprint to the user to minimize the burden of training, maintenance and spare parts management. All vehicles in the Ajban Class can be protected, and specific protected models are included for crew survivability with fully tested and certified cabins. The modular configuration of the vehicles allows for multi mission variants to suit the user requirements and NIMR engineering can develop bespoke configurations from the base vehicle architecture if required.

A highly mobile 4x4 protected vehicle, the AJBAN 440A incorporates the latest technologies in ballistic and blast protection. Designed for the harshest environments, the vehicle offers exceptional off-road capabilities, unparalleled reliability, and high performance.

Due to the modular nature of the vehicle, it can be configured to suit a variety of operational roles and catering for various mission systems. This allows user to have a single fleet for a multitude of requirements whilst ensuring common logistic support and thereby lower the lifecycle cost.

Defexpo 2020 Controp to supply Indian army with iSky 50HD uav electro optic system
Ajban 440A (Picture source: NIMR)