The President of Ecuador is formally the Supreme Commander of the Ecuadorian Armed Forces, but he is not directly involved in their daily activities and he can delegate this function in a situation of national emergency. The National Security Council is the highest body of responsible for national Defence. The Minister of Dense controls the three services through the Joint Command (COMACOM). The total active manpower of the Ecuadorian armed forces is around 50,000 military personnel. There is also a paramilitary force with 6,800 personnel. The conscription is 12 months.
The Ecuadorian land forces are around 40,000 soldiers, plus some 50,000 reservists, with the structure:
- 4 division with 1 army brigade, 1 Special forces brigade, 1 artillery brigade, 1 engineer brigade, 1 aviation brigade,3 Jungle brigades, 5 infantry brigades
- 1 armoured cavalry brigade, 3 armoured reconnaissance squadron, 2 mechanised infantry battalions, 13 infantry battalions, 6 airborne battalions, 1 artillery brigade, 1 group self-propelled artillery, 1 group rocket launcher, 1 group air defense, 3 engineer battalions, 5 aviation battalions.

Military equipment and vehicles of Ecuadorian Army of Ecuador