DVD 2010
International Exhibition Defence Equipment and Support's

Millbrook, United Kingdom
23 - 24 June 2010
Future soldier of British Army at DVD 2010
Thursday , 24 June 2010, 14:25PM
The new soldier combat uniforms and individual equipment of British army
Armed with the latest technology, this the face of the new British army soldier. Personnel in Afghanistan operate across a wide range of environments - desert, woodland/jungle, compounds, crops, grassland and arid stone. They frequently move through environments during their patrols, and often go through several in the course of one operation - but existing camouflages are optimized for single environments. An MOD Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) was authorized in April, and a programme of research has taken place since then to compare in-service camouflages with newly developed patterns and commercial off-the-shelf products.
A wide range of camouflages and colours were trialled, in the UK, Cyprus, Kenya and Afghanistan. The trials included visual comparisons, objective assessments of the time to detect the different camouflages against different backgrounds, and subjective user opinions on the efficacy of the performance. Crye's Multicam technology was found to be the best performing across the widest range of environments by a significant margin - reducing the chance of detection in mixed environments - and it was selected as the new UK camouflage. It will be known as Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP).

Glasses: Tinted plastic offering protectionfrom flying debris and ultra-violet rays
Helmet: Ear protectors to shield from explosion but allows human voices to be heard clearly. It has a mouth protector and side-mounted torches.

Body armor: Includes a fragmentation Jacket with ballistic plates designed to stop armour-piercing rounds
Lewis Sharpshooter rifle: Semi-automatic rifle, firing 7.62 mm rounds. Effective at distance of 750 m
Combat uniform: The multi-terrain pattern is effective in both desert and wooded reegions.


DVD 2010
International Exhibition Defence Equipment and Support's

Millbrook, United Kingdom
23 - 24 June 2010
IVECO Defence Vehicles at DVD 2010
Thursday , 24 June 2010, 15:25 PM
Tests of mobilities at DVD 2010 for the Iveco Defence Vehicles range.
DVD 2010 provides an outstanding opportunity for Iveco Defence Vehicles to exhibit some of the results of the extraordinary degree of innovation and investment in which the company has been engaged over the past 12 months. The company’s focus for DVD is on developments which have been undertaken on existing platforms, improving utility, capacity and capability and ensuring that they continue to meet the user’s evolving requirement.
IVECO LMV, Light Multirole Vehicle and his new utility variant
Over the past five years, the LMV has had extraordinary commercial success, with some 2,600 units sold to 9 European countries including the UK, where it provides the base platform for the Panther Command and Liaison Vehicle. Unlike many of its predecessors and peers, LMV was designed to be highly survivable from the outset, with a basic design concept of a crew cell mounted on Omega shaped chassis rails.
Iveco Defence Vehicles at DVD 2010 LMV Utility Variant Trakker truck daily 4x4 Italy Italian defense industry army military vehicle defence equipment and support exhibitionLocated away from the seat of explosions and protected by a combination of automotive energy management techniques, leading edge composite panels and a series of design features targeted at maximising crew survivability, the crew cell provides outstanding mine, ballistic and IED protection. LMV’s fundamentally modular design allows its ready adaptation to a wide variety of internal and external fits and protection levels, enabling it to be closely tuned to the demands of the user and the operational environment.
In response to the evolving user requirement, Iveco substantially expanded the LMV’s utility by developing a family of variants based on a 3520mm wheelbase, 300mm longer than that seen on the Panther. At the same time, a series of design innovations have dramatically increased the vehicle’s payload and capacity. This has been achieved by reducing the kerb weight of the vehicle through design improvements and the use of novel materials, and by uprating the chassis to a 7.5 tonne GVW from its previous 7.1 tonnes. This very significantly increases the number of roles which the vehicle can fulfil.
The Protected Utility (PU) variant on dynamic display is shown with an extended four man cab, providing much improved internal capacity and ergonomics, and a lightweight loadbed developed by Marshall Vehicle Engineering capable of carrying two NATO pallets. Also available with a two man cab, providing a much increased load bed, LMV(PU) is highly adaptable. Besides maintaining the excellent mobility which distinguishes the vehicle in all its variants, protection levels have been significantly increased with little impact on kerb weight.
Iveco’s Protected Self Loading Dump Truck
At DVD 2010, Iveco Defence Vehicles is displaying the newest protected vehicle procured by the UK MoD –Iveco Defence Vehicles at DVD 2010 LMV Utility Variant Trakker truck daily 4x4 Italy Italian defense industry army military vehicle defence equipment and support exhibition the 8 x 8 Self Loading Dump Truck (Protected). Based on the rugged, proven all terrain 8 x 8 Trakker chassis, the vehicle boasts a protected cab which currently offers the highest level of ballistic, mine and IED protection of any vehicle in this class. When deployed the vehicle will also be fitted with bar armour to counter RPG attacks, as well as electronic countermeasures and Bowman. The SLDT(P) will be deployed on operations with the Royal Engineers. In this role it will complement the fleet of 182 6 x 6 Trakkers which are being procured for the Royal Engineers through ALC and may also form the basis for a larger fleet of protected vehicles in a number of engineer specific roles.
New IVECO Daily 4x4, the Flexible Low Cost Logistics Solution
Among the vehicles being displayed by Iveco Defence Vehicles at Millbrook this year is the new Daily 4 x 4. A Iveco Defence Vehicles at DVD 2010 LMV Utility Variant Trakker truck daily 4x4 Italy Italian defense industry army military vehicle defence equipment and support exhibitionnewly developed variant of the popular commercial chassis, the Daily 4 x 4 is a cost effective and rugged logistics solution which provides high levels of mobility, proven reliability and over 2.5 tonnes payload capacity at a fraction of the cost of a specialist military utility vehicle. This makes it the vehicle of choice for demanding but low risk missions where reliability, mobility and capacity are of greater importance than protection.
At DVD, the Daily 4 x 4 is displayed fitted with a crew carrier body produced by Abba Commercials, providing an innovative, lightweight and highly adaptable load bed fitted with road legal seats and harnesses, and with roll-over protection. This type of configuration demonstrates just how flexible and adaptable the Daily 4 x 4 can be in service, fulfilling roles previously undertaken by larger trucks with a full military specification. Highly adaptable and reliable, the Daily 4 x 4 provides a robust and effective logistics solution capable of meeting a wide variety of user requirements

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