Senop launches HUSKY Fire Control Thermal Sight at DSEI 2017

Senop, a part of Patria Group, launches a smart and accurate HUSKY Fire Control Thermal Sight at the DSEI 2017 defense exhibition in London, United Kingdom. The HUSKY Fire Control Thermal Sight is the next generation of smartweapon sight. A single push of a key is enough to rapidly calculate the aiming dot by using distance, ammunition’s ballistic tables, temperature and measured terrain angle.

senop husky fire control dsei 2017 925 001 The Husky allow to rapidly calculate target's distance

We designed the device's functionality, features and user interface specifically for grenade machine guns. By changing its ballistic calculation, we can easily customise itfor a wide range of other applications including other heavy weapon types, remote weapon stations, reconnaissance and observation systems, says Mika Räty, Managing Director at Senop.

The Fire Control Thermal Sight has anintegrated uncooled thermal imager which offers several advantages in relation to conventional cooled technology.The device is ready for use immediately when switched on without any start-up time delay.
Cost-efficiency is also one of the key advantages of uncooled thermal imaging technology.

The overall life cycle cost of the device is clearly lower in comparison to comparablemodels. The service life of the thermal imager’s sensor unit is dozens of times longer in comparison to conventional devices, says Timo Vuorenpää, Technology Director, Optronics at Senop.

The HUSKY Fire Control Thermal Sight includes an eye-safe laser range finder, global positioning system, inertial measurement unit, digital magnetic compass and a ballistic computer that supports airburst ammunition programming.

The sight and its external display and keypad are separate devices that can be positioned and adjusted according to user needs.Ergonomy further enhances efficiency.

Advanced information and situational awareness sharing are also supported. The device can be connected to different C2 systems.