Plasan showcases its Multi-Fonctionnal Armor system at DSEI 2017

With the Multi-Fonctionnal Armor system, Plasan, an armour and survivability company, can now offer platform Situationnal Awareness (SA) enhancement using only the armour panel as the carrier. It means that the 360° SA system is embedded in the armour panels of the combat vehicle, the system adds only 200gr/sqm to the weight of the armour and it does not increase the thickness of the panels.

Plasan showcases its Multi Fonctionnal Armor system at DSEI 2017 925 001
The Multi-Fonctionnal Armor system (Credit : Plasan)

Modern operational requirements stemming from 21st century asymmetric warfare dictate that individual platforms must gather and share as much information as possible to build and enhance mutual SA.

Equipping a platform with Plasan's MFA offers a passive hit detection capability along with other unique features embedded in the armored panels that would provide situational awareness, allowing the crew to effectively manage the situation, and enabling clear-cut information to be passed to the right people at the right time.

Main features include:

Hit detection on the platform in real time
Health monitoring of the armour panels
Identify the area of threat
Real-time proximity alerts
Integration to any battle management system (BMS)
(N GVA compliant)
Rollover and impact analysis
Fit for any protection level needed
Built-in training mode

The MFA has been integrated into Lockheed Martin demonstration turret at Stand S8 210 at DSEI 2017.