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Inzpire showcases its Targeted Fidelity Simulator (TFS), an innovative solution to modern flying training needs, for the first time at DSEI 2017, defense exhibition in London, United Kingdom. Inzpire has been making headlines, triggering a 'revolution in defence' with its affordable, relevant products and services for militaries around the world. The TFS is a key part of this revolution, as the company continues to seek the best ways of meeting and surpassing customers' training requirements in both capability and cost.

With the Multi-Fonctionnal Armor system, Plasan, an armour and survivability company, can now offer platform Situationnal Awareness (SA) enhancement using only the armour panel as the carrier. It means that the 360° SA system is embedded in the armour panels of the combat vehicle, the system adds only 200gr/sqm to the weight of the armour and it does not increase the thickness of the panels.

A revolutionary, wearable technology is currently being tested by armed forces across the world. Broadsword® Spine® is an invisible power and data network that is built directly into clothing using conductive fabrics instead of wires and cables. The innovative e-textile has been developed by BAE Systems alongside its partner Intelligent Textiles Limited.

Unmanned systems significantly enhance the operational effectiveness of civilian law enforcement agencies and the combat performance of military units. At DSEI 2017 Rheinmetall is presenting its concept for unmanned multipurpose vehicles, the Multi Misson Unmanned Ground Vehicle (MM UGV). It is capable of performing multiple roles.

Digital Concepts Engineering is launching the X-2 Unmanned Ground Vehicle fitted with the Marionette control system at DSEI. Exhibited as a CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) detection platform it is also well suited to EOD, Search & Rescue, Perimeter patrol, communications relay, mine detection and clearing, light weapon mount and load moving tasks and is capable of manual or autonomous operation. The platform is based on the successful IBEX autonomous robotic system.

Arnold Defense, a US St Louis based international manufacturer and supplier of 2.75-inch rocket launchers, is unveiling a concept named the “FLETCHER” 2.75-inch/70mm Weapon System.FLETCHER can be mounted on land-based military vehicles as well as, potentially, marine and littoral platforms. The debut of the FLETCHER concept coincides with the DSEi Exhibition taking place in London, 12—15 September 2017.

Today at DSEi 2017, Thales announced a major commitment to develop future autonomous and unmanned technology across air and sea by investing in two new UK-based trials and training centres. Following Thales’s successful trials during the Royal Navy’s Unmanned Warrior exercise in 2016, Thales is now investing in two trials and training centres based in West Wales and in South-West England to test and develop autonomous systems for both military and civil activities.

Senop, a part of Patria Group, launches asmart and accurate HUSKY Fire Control Thermal Sight at the DSEI 2017 defense exhibition in London, United Kingdom. The HUSKY Fire Control Thermal Sight is the next generation of smartweapon sight. A single push of a key is enough to rapidly calculate the aiming dot by using distance, ammunition’s ballistic tables, temperature and measured terrain angle.

At DSEI 2017, Thales introduces a new generation ambidextrous and NATO interoperable military assault rifle, the F90MBR – Modular Bullpup Rifle, suited to support the modern integrated soldier. The F90MBR is the new generation of the F90 Assault Rifle, currently in service with the Australian Defence Force.

Three years after its acquisition by Belgium based, small arms manufacturer FN Herstal, Manroy Engineering announces rebranding and name change to FNH UK. Since its acquisition by FN Herstal, Manroy Engineering has followed a carefully planned program of integration within the Herstal Group.

Swedish Company Saab presents for the first time ever at an exhibtion, the vehicle-based MSHORAD (Mobile Short Range Air Defense) solution - comprising the Giraffe 1X radar, Command and Control (C2) and RBS 70 NG Remote Weapon Station (RWS). The system is displayed at Saab’s stand, N2-230, at DSEI 2017, defense exhibition in London, United Kingdom.

At DSEI 2017, defense exhibition in London, HGH Infrared Systems showcases another leading-edge improvement for the successful Spynel-S and Spynel-X: these two members of the Spynel family, already giving the best image quality and the longest detection range on the market, can now be equipped with a Visible Channel, a Laser Range Finder, or both. This option is called V-LRF.

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