DSEI 2017: Manroy Engineering becomes FNH UK

Three years after its acquisition by Belgium based, small arms manufacturer FN Herstal, Manroy Engineering announces rebranding and name change to FNH UK. Since its acquisition by FN Herstal, Manroy Engineering has followed a carefully planned program of integration within the Herstal Group.

DSEI 2017 Manroy Engineering becomes NH UK 001

This has included product alignment with FN Herstal, a significant investment program to modernize the UK production facilities, and also a wider product offering to better serve the company’s customer base. More recently, as an important part of its integration process, the UK business has undergone comprehensive rebranding, culminating in adopting its new name.

Glyn Bottomley, FNH UK CEO says: ‘Manroy Engineering was originally formed in 1975 and has been a supplier of weapon parts and weapons to the UK MOD throughout. Our sustained support will remain unchanged. Since its acquisition Manroy, now FNH UK, has undergone a huge level of transformation in the areas of manufacturing and capacity along with an increased level of sustainability and capability. This exciting new stage in the evolution of the company will complete the corporate integration of the business within FN Herstal and enable FNH UK to offer the UK market the full range of products from the FN Herstal portfolio, which includes FN SCAR® assault rifles, FN MINIMI® Mk3 light machine guns, and airborne, land and sea weapon systems.’

Manroy Engineering Ltd manufacture the .50 M2 HMG QCB, GPMG, 5.56 Rifles, Weapon Mounts, Turrets. Manroy has extensive manufacturing capability including, CNC, Paint booths, chrome finishing, phosphating. Additionally Manroy has a full design capability in house, along with a product and customer support team for all products in-service.

Manroy is sole supplier to the UK MOD for the 12.7 HMG QCB, providing weapon and full support srevices. Manroy has extensive export customers, for all products.