Mabey Logistic Support Bridge at DSEI 2013.

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DSEI 2013
International Defence & Security Exhibition

10 - 13 September 2013
London, United Kingdom
Mabey showcases its Logistic Support Bridge (LSB) at DSEI 2013
Tuesday, September 10, 2013, 4:35 PM
Mabey Logistic Support Bridge at DSEI 2013.

At DSEI 2013, The Mabey Logistic Support Bridge (LSB), features components developed to serve logistic support requirements. The LSB has been active in service on Main Supply Routes where it has replaced damaged civilian bridges, enabled upgrades for heavier traffic and provided long span floating bridge capability.

United Kingdom, London. At DSEI 2013, GKN Aerospace’s self-sealing fuel tanks enhance the platform’s survivability in today’s theatres of operation, providing extended protection for the crew against weapons such as heavy machine guns, vehicle and aircraft armaments.
Mabey LSB in a rough environment

The robust LSB is easy to assemble by military engineers as either a permanent or temporary bridge and provides excellent performance, capable of delivering clear spans up to 61m and with a 4.2m carriage widthcapable of carrying loads up to MLC80T/110W.

The LSB is in service with numerous military forces including UK, US, Canadian, Belgian, Greek, Argentinian, Australian, French, German, Danish and Swiss and is the world’s most effective and trusted emergency bridging solution. The Mabey LSB is available in both fixed and floating configurations and can also be used over other failed bridge structures.