New Russian S-80FP air-launched rocket exhibited at DSA 2018

Russia’s Techmash engineering company has exhibited air bombs, artillery ammunition and shells for multiple launch rocket systems, as well as the new S-80FP air-launched rocket, at DSA 2018.

New Russian S 80FP air launched rocket exhibited at DSA 2018
Firing S-80FP air-launched rockets from a helicopter (Picture source: Russian MoD)

"The S-80FP air-launched rocket is among the exhibits on display. It is designed to hit sole and multiple targets, unarmored and lightly-armored military hardware, as well as surface ships. The rocket is claimed to be unrivaled by the efficiency of its operation, operational reliability and safety. It has a firing range of up to six kilometers.

The Russian manufacturer has also demonstrated a specimen of the RMG rocket-powered multipurpose grenade with a single-shot grenade launcher. It is designed to effectively destroy the crews and combat units of an enemy’s lightly-armored hardware and firepower on the open terrain, in field fortifications, urban and rural structures.

"The air-launched weapons are represented by the ODAB-500 PMV fuel-air explosive bomb. The munition destroys industrial structures, vulnerable hardware and manpower. It can be dropped from frontline aviation aircraft and helicopters," the Techmash press office said.