DOK-ING showcases the MV-4 demining UGV at DSA 2018

At DSA 2018, Croatian company DOK-ING exhibits it MV-4, a Mine Clearance System tracked, remote-controlled machine designed to clear all types of Anti-Personnel (AP) mines and UneXploded Ordnances (UXO), and is survivable to all types of Anti-Tank (AT) mines.

doking mv4 demining ugv dsa 925 001

Due to its small dimensions and maneuverability, it is suitable for demining of house yards, orchards, forest paths, river banks, and other types of terrain inaccessible to larger machines. The platform can be easily transported, by road, sea (it fits in a standard 20 feet container) or by air (CH-47).

The MV-4 can be equipped with a whole range of operating tools for mine clearance and soil processing able to destroy even the smallest Anti-Personnel blast pressure mines and the most dangerous types of bouncing fragmentation mines. The machine is remotely controlled from an armored vehicle or from a safe distance (up to 2000 m). The engine and vital components of the machine are protected by steel plates.

Designed to withstand mine detonations - Being originally designed for one task only – humanitarian demining, MV-4 system is primarily designed for clearance of Anti-Personnel mines, but there is always a possibility of encountering Anti-Tank mines during its operation. The MV-4 strongest ability to withstand Anti-Tank mine detonations has been proved at the Swedish EOD and Demining Center (SWEDEC) in July 2004. Due to the Hardox steel plates, the MV-4 is highly resistant to the fragmentation of landmines, and it's low profile reduces its susceptibility to shrapnel damage.

MV-4 can drive and work on highly inclined terrain both transversely and longitudinally:clearing of transverse slopes of 35° up and down, driving on transversal slopes of 45° up and down, clearing longitudinal slopes of 20°driving on longitudinal slopes of 35°. The platform can drive through water to a depth of 45 cm without any special actions taken by the operator and can turn 360° on a single point.

The DOK-ING MV-4 is in use in many countries worldwide: US Army, Sweden, South Africa,...