Bosnia and Herzegovina: RPG-7MX2 modernized version of Soviet-made RPG-7

Military Industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina presents the RPG-7MX2 40mm, a modernized version of the Soviet-made RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenade launcher at DSA 2018, the International Defense and Security Exhibition in Malaysia.

Bosnia and Herzegovina RPG 7MX2 modernized version of Soviet made RPG 7 925 001
RPG-7 MX2 modernized version of Soviet-made RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenade launcher (Picture source Army Recognition)

The RPG-7 MX2 is a multipurpose, lightweight infantry weapon system characterized by its ease of use, portability durability and low life cycle cost, making it one of the most widely used rocket launchers in the world A true multipurpose character of RPG-7 MX2 is illustrated with a wide range of available ammunition - HEAT with singular or tandem warheads against tanks and armored vehicles, fragmentation rounds with point detonating fuse against exposed infantry and soft skinned vehicles as well as thermobaric rocket effective against fortifications, unarmored weapon systems and entrenched infantry.

The RPG-7MX2 is entirely produced using milling rather than casting process Proprietary manufacturing technology, as well as steel heat treatment and coating process ensure a high quality product designed to withstand more than 1000 live fire cycles, thus decreasing life cycle cost relative to other similar products Stringent quality assurance procedures, rigorous testing process and minimal tolerances insures product consistency, interchangeability of spare parts and total customer satisfaction.

The RPG-7MX2 has a maximum effective range of 800 m against stationary area targets, depending on rocket types and sighting unit, while moving targets can be engaged effectively at ranges of up to 400 meters. The RPG-7MX2 is backwards compatible with all currently available ammunition for standard RPG-7. User proficiency is achieved through the use of sub-caliber training rocket using standard 7.62x39 ammunition, making live fire drills extremely cheap simple and realistic.

The RPG-7MX2 optical sighting unit is compatible with the following ammunition types PG7V series, OG7V, TGB7V as well as GSh7VT. Illuminated dial-in reticle significantly increases first round hit probability over the original optical sighting unit, both in day and night/low light conditions.LED illumination ensures long battery life and simplifies maintenance of the optical sighting unit. Sight magnification is 2.3x. with FOV of 13°.