BEML–Tatra 8x8 T815 truck, a multirole chassis for Indian army

Indian manufacturer BEML operates a joint venture with Tatra for producing the most current 8x8 truck dedicated to common use in the Indian army, mainly the Saravatra 15meter bridge layer.

BEML Tatra 8x8 T815 truck multirole chassis for Indian army2
The BEML-Tatra 8x8 multirole chassis during the opening demonstation (Picture source: Army Recognition)

At DefExpo India 2018, BEML showcases various vehicles and engines, either in actual dynamic demonstrations or in scale model. The BEML-Tatra is indinenously manufactured.

The truck’s 402hp diesel engine is air-cooled instead of liquid-colled, which has been regtarded as a relevant factor for a vehicle called to operate under very high temperatures as faced in the Indian subcontinent. It is coupled to 2x10 speed transmission.

The truck has swinging half axles for better cross-country mobility. It is equipped with centralized tyre inflation system at the driver’s position and can be operated on the move. As a blink to History, let’s recall that this system was invented by the General Motors Company in 1942 for the very first ampbibious truck that was deloped for the US armed forces as a means to unload loads on places where no port facilities were available after landing.