New Serbian Drone Off jamming rifle hits the market

Drones are increasingly being used for various purposes, ranging from surveillance to package delivery, and even for destroying equipment on the battlefield. The need to control and neutralize these devices is becoming more and more urgent. In this context, the anti-drone rifle "Drone Off" has been developed and is currently being showcased at the Partner 2023 exhibition in Serbia. This device, designed to jam the communication signals between the drone and its operator, offers an effective solution to counter potential threats posed by drones.
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Serbian anti-drone rifle "Drone Off" at Partner 2023 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Serbia introduces its new anti-drone rifle, Drone Off, which has been developed by the company Iritel Beograd. The ability to neutralize a drone has become essential for armed forces, and many are trying to find solutions to counter the dominance of UAVs. This is a new addition to that effort.

The rifle operates on multiple frequency ranges, specifically 1164-1610 MHz for GPS L1/L2 and Glonass, as well as 2400-2500 MHz and 5700-5850 MHz for remote control and video transmission. With a transmission power of 78 W, it is capable of jamming drone signals within a radius of up to 2.5 km. The rifle weighs 3 kg, while the associated backpack weighs 10 kg. It uses "Sweep/multisweep" type jamming signals and is equipped with helical antennas with a gain of 12 dBic and an angle of 42°. The rifle can operate in temperature conditions ranging from -25°C to +50°C and is battery-powered, with a battery status indicator.

Various anti-drone technologies are available on the market, ranging from frequency jammers to lasers, and even trained birds to intercept drones. For example, the LMADIS (Light-Mobile Air Defense Integrated System) is a portable jammer that has already been deployed and successfully took down an Iranian drone in July 2019. Drone Off stands out for its portability and high transmission power, making it a viable option for a variety of scenarios.

The importance of this type of technology is particularly evident in conflict zones like Ukraine. Drones are often used for reconnaissance, surveillance, and sometimes even for dropping munitions. Having the ability to neutralize these drones can offer a significant tactical advantage. Other devices like the EDM4S SkyWiper, used by the Ukrainian armed forces, have also proven effective in this context.

With its impressive technical specifications and range, it offers a viable solution for neutralizing drones in various scenarios, including in conflict zones like Ukraine. The development and adoption of such technologies are crucial to address the challenges posed by the increasing use of drones, not just on the battlefield but also in areas such as security.