Ukraine army getting Israeli anti-drone systems via Poland

An undisclosed Israeli defense contractor is supplying anti-drone systems to Ukraine’s military by way of Poland, The Times of Israel’s Hebrew sister site Zman Yisrael reported on September 12 echoed by Tani Goldstein reports in The Times of Israel. A source in the firm told Zman that the equipment was being sold to Poland to circumvent Israel’s refusal to sell advanced arms to Ukraine.
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Contextual illustration: the Ukrainian army is getting Israeli anti-drones systems from an undisclosed company (Picture source: Rafael)

The company (is it Rafael, Israel Aerospace Industries, Elbit, MCTECH, Spear or the Avnon Group?) reported to the Defense Ministry that the sale was to Poland and appeared to be claiming not to be aware that Warsaw was acting as an intermediary to transfer the weapons to Ukraine, which has been using the Israeli systems to fight against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Tani Goldstein writes.

Defense industry sources clarified that anti-drone systems are classified as “advanced defensive technology” and therefore are not approved for sale to Ukraine. However, the Israeli government has appeared uninterested in torpedoing the deal.