UK discussing supply Ukrainian army with additional M270 MLRS

As indicated on the British Cabinet of Ministers’ website, website reports, the United Kingdom is considering the option of providing Ukraine with additional M270 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems, a love that would follow Germany’s one.
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British Army M270 MLRS (Picture source: British Army)

The UK is preparing to announce the transfer of additional U.S.-made M270 MLRS. Germany already announced the transfer of two additional MARS-II systems. In London, everything is still at the level of discussion, writes. Therefore, neither the number of MLRS planned for transfer nor the timing is yet known. Liz Truss, the newly appointed Prime Minister, firmly stated that the UK will support Ukraine "until the complete defeat of Russia." According to her, "Ukraine's victories" inspire Britain, which will continue to provide military assistance.

The UK already supplied the Ukrainian army with three M270 MLRS along with ammunition including M31A1 guided missiles that have a range of up to 70 km. This ammunition can hit point targets thanks to an inertial guidance system with satellite correction.

The initial delivery of M270 MLRS systems took place almost simultaneously with the German ones, a supply that combines with the considerable firepower offered by the numerous M142 HIMARS MLRS already delivered by the U.S.