Lithuania sends US 105mm howitzers to Ukraine

According to Ukrinform, Lithuania has sent to Ukraine a batch of 105mm howitzers as part of the assistance package aimed to help the nation fight off the Russian invasion.
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Loading of a Lithuanian M101 howitzer for delivery to Ukraine (Picture source: Ukrinform)

The Ministry of Defense of Lithuania announced the news on Twitter, Ukrinform reports. “Lithuania continues material support to Ukrainian Armed Forces. Our 105 mm howitzers are on their way to Ukraine,” the tweet reads. The Lithuanian Ministry of Defense added that Ukraine needs a “non-stop weapon supply. We cannot make pauses,” reads the tweet.

However the howitzer model is not specified, the picture published by Ukrinform, if related to the Lithuanian delivery, shows a U.S.-made M101A1 (previously designated M2A1) model. It was the standard U.S. light field howitzer in World War II and saw action in both the European and Pacific theaters and during the Korean War. Entering production in 1941, it quickly gained a reputation for accuracy and a powerful punch. The M101A1 fires 105 mm high explosive (HE) semi-fixed ammunition and has a range of 12,330 yards (11,270 m), making it suitable for supporting infantry.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, at the end of August, Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvidas Anusauskas stated that Lithuania's military aid to Ukraine amounts to more than EUR 120 million, with the total amount of support soon to exceed half a billion euros.