Elbit Systems of America to supply mortar systems to US Army

Elbit Systems of America has been awarded an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contract by the United States Army’s Office of the Project Manager for Combat Ammunition Systems (PM-CAS), with a maximum potential of $49 million, to produce M121 120mm Carrier Mounted Mortar Systems and M120A1 120mm Ground Mounted Mortar Systems.
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U.S. soldiers firing an M120A1 120mm mortar (Picture source: U.S. Army/DVIDS)

The contract was competitively awarded following the successful completion of the initial ID/IQ contract that was awarded to the company in 2016. The period of performance is through 2027. The U.S. Army has placed an initial order under this ID/IQ valued at nearly $10 million.

When Infantrymen need to respond to a nearby enemy, mortar systems provide the speed and firepower to help suppress the threat. Elbit Systems of America understands the power Mortar Weapon Systems (MWS) bring to the American Warfighter and has a history of supplying MWS to the U.S. Army.

“Elbit America is a fully qualified and proven mortar and mortar fire control manufacturer and integrator for the U.S. Army,” said Ridge Sower, Vice President of Ground Control and Precision Targeting at the company. “Our team is excited to continue our legacy of providing these systems that allow Soldiers to increase their response times, accuracy, and safety – all key elements for success on the battlefield.”

“Being a trusted provider of choice for critical missions and needs is part of our vision at Elbit America,” said Raanan Horowitz, President and CEO of the company. “I am honored the U.S. Army continues to value the solutions our company provides to U.S. Soldiers and we look forward to a continued partnership.”