Belgium to give heavy machine guns munitions and more to Ukraine

The Belgian Ministry of Defense already delivered equipment worth 45 million euros to Ukraine. Belgium will now send heavy machine guns and ammunition, among others, from FN Herstal, for an amount of 12 million euros.
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FN Herstal M2 heavy machine gun, here mounted on a Unimog Jacam of the Belgian Special Operations Regiment  (Picture source: Army Recognition)

As reported by Belga news agency, Belgian Minister of Defense Ludivine Dedonder said: "We will also send non-lethal equipment for the winter, helmets, spare equipment, vision equipment. At the beginning of 2023, we will deliver ambulances and medical evacuation trucks. We are also involved in the training mission planned by the European Union. We remain available for maritime or land mine clearance, for which we have already provided training. But also for other training, such as that of snipers via our special forces. We are awaiting the decisions of the EU, promised for the end of September. We are also taking in 45 war wounded and seriously ill people."

New Belgian troops should also be deployed in mid-2023 at the NATO base located in Constanta, Romania, while the first Belgian forces sent there have been replaced by Dutch, as part of rotations.

"We should also redeploy 6 F-16s to Estonia, for which I will present a request in a few weeks to parliament and the government", Ludivine Dedonder added. "Finally, our mine hunter, the Narcisse, will be deployed in the Mediterranean ".