UVZ completes trials of Russian Magnolia Arctic gun - Part 2

Magnolia cannot be confused with any other gun. The combat compartment is mounted on a two-section tracked platform of an upgraded Vityaz DT-30PM snow-and-swamp-going vehicle. The front section with a five-roadwheel chassis carries the driver’s cabin, power plant units, and system elements. The back six-roadwheel chassis carries the combat compartment borrowed from Vena 2S31 self-propelled mortar. The two-section undercarriage provides all-terrain capacity in marshlands and hard-of-access areas.
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Magnolia 120mm self-propelled artillery system is based on a DT-30PM tracked articulated amphibious vehicle (Picture source: Uralvagonzavod)

The turret design provides round-view horizontal gun laying. Magnolia can fire all types of 120mm mortar munitions and effectively fulfil a broad range of missions. It operates like a cannon for direct fire and as a howitzer and mortar from closed positions.

Reports in the autumn of 2020 about an early completion of trials of self-propelled guns did not come true. The deadlines remain open. Demonstration prospects of the Magnolia prototype are unclear (Flox 2S40 and Drok 2S41 have been demonstrated). It is clear that the completion of the R&D and the launch of batch production will demand additional time and costs. All three weapons created by Nabrosok R&D have interesting solutions that improve tactical, technical, and operational characteristics.

Arctic forces will receive a completely new self-propelled gun that will increase artillery firepower. Experts believe the Magnolia project is vital, as several countries plan to expand their influence in the Arctic.

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