DICON of Nigeria displays new version of Ezugwu MRAP APC

Interestingly, some pictures occasionaly pop up on Twitter, revealing or repeating equipment displayed as they are unveiled, be it simply in another paint scheme or actually upgraded. It is the case with the Ezugwu MRAP designed and produces by DICON/NAVMC (Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria).
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Variant of the Ezugwu MRAP designed and produced by DICON/NAVMC (Picture source: Twitter account Jakepor21)

This MRAP APC is named named after Major General Victor Ezugwu, who earned recognition for his efforts to combat Boko Haram extremists. At the end of 2018, he was appointed Managing Director/CEO of DICON.

The new vehicle is manufactured in collaboration with the Nigerian Army Command Engineering Depot (CED). It is believed the Ezugwu was designed on a Tatra 4×4 chassis, according to African Military Blog. The Nigerian Army apparently plans to acquire 130 Ezugwu vehicles. The 4×4 Ezugwu is powered by a Chinese WD615 turbodiesel engine. Its flat-bottom armored hull provides protection against small arms fire and an explosion of 7 kg TNT, whilst each wheel can withstand a 12 kg TNT explosion.

Unusually, the vehicle is fitted with two turrets which can traverse 360 degrees, and a telescopic long range camera for improved situational awareness.

The Nigerian Army Vehicle Manufacturing Company (NAVMC) is developing several armored vehicles for the Nigerian army.