Israel and Germany discuss with US for acquisition of Arrow 3 air defense missile systems

According to information published by the "CTECH" website on October 31, 2022, currently, the United States Department of Defense discusses with Israel and Germany regarding the approval for the sale of the Arrow 3 air defense missile system. The United States will be able to accept the sale following the situation in Ukraine and the threats from Russia.
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In July 2019, the Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) of the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D) and the U.S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA) completed a successful flight test campaign with the Arrow-3 Interceptor missile. (Picture source U.S. Missile Defense Agency)

The Arrow 3 air defense system is jointly developed by Israel and the United States and must be approved by both countries before any sales. For this acquisition, Germany will be the leading country for this purchase for an amount of €2 billion.

This acquisition could be part of the European development of a new joint air defense program under the name of the European Sky Shield Initiative, which will involve 14 NATO member countries and Finland. The deal is estimated at around €2 billion and it could even reach €3 billion, citing information from the "CTECH" website.

On October 13, 2022, Defense Ministers from 14 NATO Allies and Finland were together in Brussels to sign a Letter of Intent for the development of a “European Sky Shield Initiative”. Spearheaded by Germany, the initiative aims to create a European air and missile defense system through the common acquisition of air defense equipment and missiles by European nations. This will strengthen NATO’s Integrated Air and Missile Defense.

On September 30, 2022, the Army Recognition editorial team reported that Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz discussed with the German Ministry of Defense Christine Lambrecht about the sale of the Israeli-made Arrow-3 air defense missile system.

The Arrow-3 interceptor was designed to provide another layer of defense against ballistic missiles, to add interception opportunities to Israel's Arrow Weapon System, and to improve the active defense architecture of the State of Israel against missile threats.

An Arrow 3 long-range anti-ballistic missile battery includes the ELM-2084 Super Green Pine warning and fire control radar developed by IAI’s Elta Systems, the Citron Tree Battle Management Center, and Hazelnut Tree Launcher Control Center developed by Elbit Systems. The new radar EL/M-2084 has both improved range and resolution by up to 50%. The Golden Citron Battle Management Center made by Elbit Systems also received significant new capabilities.

Arrow 3 should be able to intercept ballistic missiles, especially those carrying weapons of mass destruction, at altitudes of over 100 km, and with a reported range of up to 2,400 km.