ISNR 2022: Aselsan showcases Barkan Autonomous UGV System

Aselsan is a Turkish defense corporation headquartered in Ankara, Turkey. Its main operating area is research, development, and manufacture of advanced military products for air, land, and maritime forces. The company is showcasing its Barkan Autonomous UGV System.
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Model of the Barkan Autonomous UGV System, ISNR, United Arab Emirates. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The frequency and diversity of security threats in the world has increased, especially for land forces. Autonomous unmanned ground vehicles integrate modern technology into military units, by sensing the environment through remote management or by means of sensor systems, and performing basic tasks such as reconnaissance, surveillance, and ammunition transport without personnel within the scope of the requirements of digital battlefields. Unmanned ground combat vehicles, which are available in different sizes and configurations for different needs, have gained qualities that can fulfil many tasks.

HAVELSAN designed and produced HAVELSAN BARKAN in response to the needs of the modern combat field. The BARKAN is an important assistant for field personnel in many areas, especially in increasing the success of the operation, preventing losses, and reducing operation costs.

With its remote control and autonomous mission capabilities in the operation areas of the future, the BARKAN will be a close companion of the military units. Thanks to BARKAN’s swarm infrastructure, joint operations with other land and air vehicles will be possible from a single center.

The BARKAN can be used in, multi-purpose missions thanks to its superior autonomous features and its modular design in which different payloads can be integrated. It has been developed for tasks such as carrying or towing cargo, providing close protection, and armed reconnaissance.