General Dynamics unveils its new US AbramsX tank MBT technology demonstrator

According to information published on the Twitter account of General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) on October 8, 2022, GDLS presents the future generation of American-made Main Battle Tank (MBT) with its AbramsX technology demonstrator.
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New AbramsX GDLS technology demonstrator of the future generation of American-made Main Battle Tank. (Picture source GDLS video footage)

The General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) AbramsX technology demonstrator will be unveiled during the AUSA 2022, Association of United States Army defense exhibition that will take place in Washington D.C. from 10 to 12 October 2022. With the AbramsX, GDLS demonstrated its ability to develop a new generation of Main Battle Tank offering more firepower, protection and mobility able to counter all the new threats of the modern battlefield.

As the next generation of Main Battle Tank, the AbramsX technology demonstrator features reduced weight for improved mobility and transportability, delivering the same tactical range as the M1A2 Abrams with 50% less fuel consumption.

The AbramsX's hybrid power pack supports the U.S. Army's climate and electrification strategies, enhances silent watch capability and even allows for some silent mobility. With a reduced crew size and AI-enabled lethality, survivability, mobility, manned/unmanned teaming (MUM-T) and autonomous capabilities, AbramsX can be a key node in lethal battlefield networks and serve as a bridge from Abrams SEPv3 and SEPv4 to future tank.

The AbramsX is completely based on a new design compared to the M1A2 Abrams tank family. In terms of protection, the AbramsX is fitted with a new armor package mounted on the hull and the turret. The tank also integrates an APS (Active Protection System) able to intercept anti-tank guided missiles and other current projectiles by launching a small warhead and initiating it at a safe distance from the protected platform, at a precisely calculated moment, and defeating or destructing the threat through a shock-wave effect.

The firepower of the AbramsX is also strengthened using a new generation of 120mm main gun able to fire new ammunition MRM (Mid-Range Munitions), AMP (Advanced Multi-Purpose), and AKE (Advanced Kinetic Energy). A coaxial machine gun is mounted on the right of the main armament and a remotely operated weapon station is mounted on the turret roof which is armed with one 30mm automatic cannon and one machine gun.