Russian Solnechnogorsk plants produces MKS 350-12M cargo parachutes

Solnechnogorsk Mechanical Plant delivered cargo parachutes MKS 350-12M of the second series to the Defense Ministry ahead of schedule, Technodinamika said. The parachutes are used to drop BMD-4M or BTR-MDM vehicles from Ilyushin Il-76 Candid airlifters. The weight can reach 16,100 kg. The parachute is used together with VPS-14 second series pullout system designed by the Institute of Parachute Construction of Technodinamika.
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The new generation of landing systems produced at NII Parachutostroeniya includes the fifth generation D-12 parachute system (Leaf), the MKS-350-14M parachute system for the self-propelled Spurt-SD tank destroyer, and the Series 2 MKS-350-12M parachute system for airborne combat vehicles (Picture source: Rostec)

The main unit comprises a parachute of 350 square meters, the braking parachute of 8 square meters, and other mechanisms with a total weight of 72 kg. There are 11 main and one additional pullout unit for BMD-4M and ten main and one additional pullout unit for BTR-MDM.

The pullout parachute of 20 square meters and all components comprise an additional pullout unit of over 25 kg. The total weight of MKS 350-12M of the second series does not exceed 860 kg.

“Solnechnogorsk plant confirmed the leading positions in the production of various parachutes and fulfilled its commitments ahead of schedule in the difficult economic situation of 2020. The parachutes are in demand in 30 countries and I am sure it is no limit for Technodinamika parachute division,” Technodinamika CEO Igor Nasenkov said.

The cargo parachute systems MKS-350-9, MKS-350-12 are intended for air drop of armaments, military vehicles and cargo. The parachute systems, designed and developed on the basis of main parachute with area of 350 m2, allow to drop heavy cargos with mass up to 14,400 kg from different type of aircraft. Several types of parachute systems have been developed and have been in service by the present time.

Main characteristics : Parachute area : 350 m². Aircraft speed at the moment of paradrop : 300-380 km/h. Altitude of paradrop : 300-4,000 m. Vertical speed near landing zone : 8,2 m/s. Parachute weight : up to 70 kg. Parachute pack dimensions :, 1,30 x 0,57 х 0,445 m. Quantity of 350m² parachutes fitted to cargo : 12. Maximum airlifted cargo mass : 16,100 kg.

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