Russian Avtomatika Group proposes most powerful handheld anti-drone system

Avtomatika Group (part of the state tech corporation Rostec) offers the world’s most powerful hand-held system to fight unmanned aerial vehicles, Avtomatika CEO Vladimir Kabanov told TASS.
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Pishchal-PRO anti-drone system (Picture source: Rostec)

“The Pishchal-PRO anti-drone system is positioned on the market as the lightest although a powerful hand-held system for its individual employment and its use as part of other platforms. Indeed, there are a lot of manual systems on the market but our Pishchal-PRO is the best in its class,” the chief executive said.

The Pishchal-PRO is distinguished by its optimal weight/efficiency ratio. “The Pishchal is unique: with a weight of 4 kg, low power and the number of simultaneously operational counteracting ranges, we have achieved a 2,000 m counteraction range, which is the best indicator for systems of this type,” he said. The Pishchal-PRO does not pose any health threats for an operator and has a user’s health safety certificate, he stressed.

Russian counter-unmanned aerial systems are capable of fighting a swarm of drones, the Avtomatika chief said. “Such systems as Kupol, Bastion-Avtomatika and Rubezh-Avtomatika splendidly cope with the tasks of detecting and countering a simultaneous attack of a multitude of drones from various directions and altitudes, i.e. a swarm of drones,” he said.

A swarm of drones poses a serious threat today. Drones simultaneously attacking from various directions and altitudes are capable of breaching a considerable part of existing radio suppression systems and reaching the target.

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