Ukraine destroys Russian Leer-2 electronic warfare system

On November 2, 2023, the Ukrainian Armed Forces successfully targeted and destroyed a Russian electronic warfare system known as "Leer-2" in the Donetsk region.
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Russian Leer-2 on a Tigr-M (Picture source: Russian MoD)

The operation was carried out by the 3rd Regiment of Special Operations Forces (SOF) during reconnaissance activities in the direction of Donetsk. The tactical group "Medoid" identified the enemy's "Leer-2" complex. After tracking the movement of the equipment and waiting for it to stop, operators of the reconnaissance complex Shark directed Ukrainian artillery to strike the target.

The Leer-2 system is a sophisticated piece of electronic warfare equipment developed by Russia, designed to disrupt and neutralize opposing communication and navigation systems. This mobile system is integrated into the chassis of an armored vehicle, often the "Tigr-M," which gives it great mobility and the ability to be rapidly deployed across different operational theaters, including close to the front lines. Its primary function is to conduct electronic reconnaissance, which involves detecting the enemy's radio emission sources to gather intelligence or to jam them, thereby rendering the enemy's communications and electronic equipment ineffective.

The Leer-2 is also capable of creating electronic interference that can disorient or deceive enemy missile navigation and guidance systems, as well as radars, by generating false echoes or saturating the frequencies used by the adversary. This jamming capability is particularly useful for protecting allied units and infrastructure from attacks guided by electronic systems. Moreover, the Leer-2 can be used to suppress communication signals, including those of mobile phone networks, which can hinder coordination among enemy units on the battlefield.

The design of the Leer-2 allows it to operate both in a stationary position and while on the move, providing considerable operational flexibility. Its presence on the battlefield is thus a major strategic asset, capable of altering the course of operations in the user's favor by significantly weakening the enemy's communication and navigation capabilities.

The attack carried out with precision weapons led to the complete destruction of the enemy's electronic jamming station. The location of the strike on the Russian "Leer-2" complex was geolocated in the hamlet of Novoluhanske, west of Svitlodarsk in the Donetsk region, approximately 17 kilometers from the front line.