Canada to allocate new $385 Mn financial aid to Ukraine military support

On November 12, 2023, the Canadian government proposed a substantial military aid package to Ukraine. The government has asked Parliament to approve 500 million CAD (approximately 385 million US dollars) for this purpose, as revealed in the Canadian government's budget document presented to the House of Commons.
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Canadian government proposed a new substantial military aid package to Ukraine. (Picture source: Ukraine MoD )

The proposed funds are intended for the Ministry of Defense to strengthen Ukraine's defense capabilities. This aid is intended to provide a range of military equipment and services, crucial to Ukraine as it continues to defend its sovereignty against Russian aggression. The aid package includes guns, drone cameras, pilot training, and tank maintenance.

Besides military support, the Canadian government also focuses on humanitarian aspects. The budget includes approximately US$38.5 million for the Canadian military training mission UNIFIER and more than US$67 million for the Canada-Ukraine Emergency Travel Authorization Migration Program. This program, launched in March 2022, offers Ukrainians fleeing Russian aggression the opportunity to live and work in Canada for three years. Although new applications are no longer being accepted, those that have already been approved have until the end of March 2024 to arrive in Canada. They will be eligible for work permits and various forms of government assistance until March 2025.

This latest financial commitment is part of Canada's ongoing response to the crisis in Ukraine. On November 10, Canada imposed sanctions against Russian propagandists, following a series of sanctions in July targeting 39 Russians and 25 Russian organizations. These measures are part of Canada's broader strategy to punish Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine and to continue its support for the Ukrainian government and people during these difficult times.

Since February 2022, Canada has committed more than $1 billion in military aid to Ukraine. Commitments to date include eight Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks, one armored recovery vehicle, a National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS) with associated munitions, 39 armored combat support vehicles, anti-tank weapons, small arms, M777 howitzers and associated ammunition, high-resolution drone cameras, winter clothing, etc.

On April 11, 2023, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denys Shmyhal, also announced that Canada was providing additional military assistance to Ukraine from Colt Canada. This military assistance program then included 21,000 5.56mm assault rifles, 38 7.62mm machine guns and more than 2.4 million rounds of ammunition to support these weapons as well as small arms already used by the forces Ukrainian armies.