Greek inventor Kostas Soukos creates Minotaur anti-drone laser system on 8x8 armored vehicle

Kostas Soukos, a Greek inventor in Larissa, claims to have created an anti-drone system that would destroy Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Tasos Kokkinidis reports in Kostas Soukos named his creation “Minotaur”, after the ancient Greek mythical creature portrayed with the head and tail of a bull and the body of a man.
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Created by Greek inventor Kostas Soukos, “Minotaur” is a robotic platform that carries a large 300 kWh laser unit designed to destroy UAVs (Picture source: ERT)

On November 19, Aegean Monitor posted a tweet unveiling the quite surprising weapon system, writing that it can be both manned and unmanned, can jam communications and fry drones through its laser system. The vehicle is also painted in a special anti-thermal coating. It can also be installed on navy ships. It is worth noting that this program was developed under secrecy in cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Defense, Aegean Monitor writes.

Speaking to public television ERT, Tasos Kokkinidis reports, Soukos described his creation as a robotic platform that carries a large 300 kWh laser unit: “It has the power to “blind”, cause ignition of drones that may violate Greek airspace, and is “invisible” to the thermal detectors of the helicopters”, he added.

The anti-drone system, mounted on a science-fiction-looking 8x8 armored vehicle (obviously a modified Russian BTR), is made exclusively by Greek scientists and engineers in Larissa. “We have proved that Greece is not ‘asleep'”, Soukos said. Our young scientists are producing smart systems that the country urgently needs, he added in reference to the current tensions with Turkey.

So far, Greek military authorities have not commented on “Minotaur”, Tasos Kokkinidis writes.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Interior and laser weapon system of the “Minotaur” (Picture source: Twitter acount of Aegean Monitor)