Bharat Forge from India to deliver 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzers to Armenia

According to information published on the "Defence Decode" Twitter account on November 10, 2022, the Indian company Bharat Forge has received a US$ 155million order to export its new 155mm wheeled artillery gun systems to Armenia over the next three years.
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Indian-made Bharat Forge 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer.

The Indian company Bharat Forge had not disclosed the final customer, but an Indian newspaper has published that according to a source from the Indian Ministry of Defense, a contract was signed with Armenia.

Bharat Forge Limited is an Indian multinational company involved in forging, automotive, energy, construction and mining, railways, marine, aerospace, and defense industries. The company was founded by Nilkanthrao A. Kalyani on 19 June 1961. For several years, Bharat Forge became a renowned producer of artillery systems.

On December 22, 2021, the Army Recognition editorial team reported that the company launched a new 4x4 155mm self-propelled howitzer MArG (Multi-Terrain Artillery Gun), called 155-BR.

The Indian-made 155-BR is based on a high mobility light truck chassis with a 155mm 39 caliber gun system mounted at the rear of the truck. The new mobile artillery truck system has been designed to operate across rugged mountainous terrain.

The front of the 155-BR is fitted with a fully enclosed crew cabin with two doors on each side, while the rear part of the truck is fitted with the 155mm artillery weapon system and a number of storage boxes for charges and ammunition.

The Bharat Forge 155-BR self-propelled howitzer has a combat weight of 18 tons and is capable to fire all NATO standard ammunition. It carries a total of 18 rounds of ammunition. It has a maximum firing range of 24 km.

For indirect fire, the 155-BR has a traverse of 25° to the left and right side and elevation from -2° to +72°. The maximum rate of fire is 12 rounds in 3 minutes and according to Bharat Forge, a burst rate of fire of three rounds in 30 seconds is normally attained.