Vietnam to likely import more T-72B1MS White Eagle MBTs

The Vietnamese army operates T-90S/SK main battle tanks imported from Russia, along with upgraded T-54Ms with Israeli technology. To reinforce the armored units, there were a number of candidates mentioned in the T-72 series, typically the Russian T-72B3 that Vietnam has become acquainted with in the Tank Biathlon tournament. The most appropriate for Vietnam appeared to be the T-72B1MS White Eagle, similar to the one used by the Lao People's Army since 2019.
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T-72B1MS White Eagle (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Recently in the Communist Magazine, Defense Studies reports, there was an article titled "Department of Engineering, the Armored Cavalry Division owns new weapons, new technical equipment, meets the requirements, the mission is ready to fight". This story provides notable information: "Effective advisory for the Party Committee, Head of the Military Command on Technical Engineering, focusing on the task of purchasing, improving and modernizing armored tanks, training to exploit and master the new VKTBKT (T-90S/SK, T-72MS)". So, it is highly likely that Vietnam will import more T-72MS White Eagle MBTs.

The T-72B1MS dubbed “White Eagle” is an upgraded version of the T-72B. It was unveiled in Moscow during the defense exhibition “Engineer Technologies” in June 2012. The tank was developed, designed and is still manufactured by the Russian Company UralVagonZavod.Overall, this tank is an upgrade package with a price 2 times cheaper compared to a new production T-90S. Compared with the T-72B3 or T-90S, the T-72MS has an unsatisfactory level of protection when the vehicle's explosive reactive armor is still the Kontakt 1 with the outdated 4S20 explosive blocks that can only resist traditional rounds. Howeve, in terms of firepower, the T-72MS was rated at least equally efficient.