Ukrainian army holds armed UGV new demos

According to Dylan Malyasov on Defence Blog, the Ukrainian Army has organized an industry demonstration of various possible robotic combat vehicles to help Ukraine’s military evaluate unmanned vehicle integration into their ground formations. This interest in robotic vehicles is not new at all, though.
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Technical features and performances claimed by UGV manufacturers are to be checked (Picture source: Oleksandr Didur via Defence Blog)

As Armyinform reported, at one of the military training grounds, Ukrainian private companies KB Robotics (Kyiv), Infocom Ltd (Zaporozhye) and the Lviv-based Roboneers showcased their new robotic platforms. The joint work of the military and industry teams was coordinated by the commander of the Ukrainian airborne assault forces, Lieutenant General Yevgeny Moysyuk. The purpose of the demo is to check the actual capabilities of robotic platforms and UAVs declared by manufacturers. Other tasks than intended could then be taken into consideration.

In 2017 and 2018, the State Scientific and Testing Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Chernihiv already began testing the Robotic Observation and Fire Complex (RSVK) «Myslyvets» (Hunter), developed by Ukraine's Robotics Design Bureau. Tests included CASEVAC role, fire, intelligence, engineering as well as the ability to overcome obstacles. This unmanned vehicle can be equipped with various types of weapons: machine gun, automatic grenade launcher or gun, anti-tank guided weapon etc.

Ukraine considers modern robotic systems as one of the stages of modernization of its armed forces, but the future of the program remains uncertain due to the absence of funding, Dylan Malyasov concludes.