Rheinmetall selects Cook Defence Systems TR40 track for LYNX KF41 IFV for Australian Army

German company Rheinmetall selected the Cook Defence Systems TR40 track for the LYNX KF41 Infantry Fighting Vehicles for the Australian Army as part of Rheinmetall’s bid for LAND 400 Phase 3. Similar TR40 tracks are in service on the British Army’s next-generation AJAX vehicles being built by General Dynamics UK.
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German company Rheinmetall has selected TR40 track for the LYNX KF41 tracked armoured IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicles for the Australian Army. (Picture source Cook Defence Systems)

The LYNX is currently undergoing Risk Mitigation Activity trials in Australia after being shortlisted for the $18.1 – $27.1 billion LAND 400 Phase 3 project to acquire tracked IFVs. It is a next-generation networked and highly protected tracked vehicle which meets the Army’s stringent military requirements for close combat – to defeat an enemy in the most dangerous and lethal environments.

Rheinmetall selected the Cook Defence Systems TR40 track for its lightweight, durability and reliability. Cook Defence Systems is already supplying Rheinmetall with tracks for LYNX vehicles under construction for other customers.

Mr William Cook, Director of Cook Defence Systems, said, “We are delighted to be working with Rheinmetall Defence Australia as part of its bid for the LAND 400 Phase 3 project.

“Our proposed TR40 track will have a strong contribution from Australian industry thanks to our long-standing partnership with Mackay Rubber in Victoria.”

Mackay is already a major supplier to Cook Defence Systems for other programmes outside Australia. Mackay’s trackpads are made from an advanced rubber formulation and are proven to provide world-leading durability in the most demanding environments.

“The partnership between Cook Defence Systems and Mackay Rubber is an excellent example of how Rheinmetall is working with its partners in Australia to deliver best of class technology with enduring sovereign capability benefits,” said Rheinmetall Defence Australia Managing Director Gary Stewart.

The LYNX will be displayed with the Cook Defence Systems track fitted at the Land Forces international defence exhibition on June 1-3, a showcase for equipment, technology and services for the armies of Australia and the Indo-Asia-Pacific.

Rheinmetall is already supplying 211 8x8 BOXER Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles to the Army under LAND 400 Phase 2 and is building industrial capability in Australia.