Egyptian army to get Oshkosh Defense truck tankers and wreckers

The U.S. Department of Defense announced on May 26 that Oshkosh Defense was awarded a $26,067,335 firm-fixed-price contract for procurement of M978A4 Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck Tankers, M984A4 Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck Wreckers and M1070A1 Heavy Equipment Transporters. Fiscal 2010 Foreign Military Sales (Egypt) funds in the amount of $26,067,335 were obligated at the time of the award.
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M984A4 Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck Wrecker with armored cab (Picture source: Wikipedia)

Bids were solicited via the internet with one received. Work will be performed in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, with an estimated completion date of Jan. 31, 2023. U.S. Army Contracting Command, Detroit Arsenal, Michigan, is the contracting activity.

The Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) is an 8x8, diesel-powered, 10-short-ton (9,100 kg) tactical truck. The M977 HEMTT first entered service in 1982 with the U.S. Army as a replacement for the M520 Goer, and since that date has remained in production for the U.S. Army and other nations. By Q2 2021, around 35,800 HEMTTs in various configurations had been produced by Oshkosh Defense through new-build contracts and around 14,000 of these had been re-manufactured. Current variants have the A4 suffix.

The M978 is a 9,500-liter capacity tanker. The current model is the M978A4; there was no M978A1. The M978A0 was produced in both potable water (approximately 18) and fuel servicing truck variants, the A2 and A4 models have only been produced in the fuel servicing truck variant.

The M984 wrecker is the only HEMTT variant to have been produced in the A1 configuration, and thus resulting in the change of recovery crane and retrieval system between A0 and A1 configurations. The current model is the M984A4. Standard equipment includes a 27,240 kg (60,050 lb) capacity two-speed recovery winch, a rear-mounted 11,340 kg capacity vehicle retrieval system, and a 6,350 kg (14,000 lb) at 2.74 m (9.0 ft) capacity Grove materials handling crane. A 9,072 kg (20,000 lb) bare drum capacity self-recovery winch is fitted as standard on the M984.