AL TARIQ company integrates guidance kit on a newly developed Penetration Warhead

AL TARIQ, an EDGE company involved in the design and manufacturing of precision-guided munitions (PGMs), showcases its integration of the AL TARIQ guidance kit on a newly developed Penetration Warhead. The program is currently in the final phases of qualification and field testing and will be ready for production towards the end of 2021.
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UAE-based company AL TARIQ has developed a full range of precision-guided munitions. (Picture source Army Recognition)

This new development will enhance TARIQ’scapabilities to successfully engage hardened targets. In line with its participation at the International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX 2021) taking place from 21 to 25 February, in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, AL TARIQis also providing details on the major upgrades to its family of PGMs.

The system integration onto a new generation penetration Warhead is a milestone achievement for the company, making it possible to field a purpose-built such a warhead on the guidance kit. This new feature enhances the capability to neutralize strategic infrastructures such as bridges, reinforced shelters, control centers, and fortified installations utilizing the warhead’s superb penetrating performance.

AL TARIQ is also briefing stakeholders on the enhancements implemented to its family of PGMs, which have recently been updated to the Block 2 specifications. The upgrade boasts a host of latest technology improvements, including an enhanced navigation solution, a new Height-Of-Burst-Sensor (HOBS) capability for airburst applications and a weapon system that is capable of being digitally integrated on aircraft requiring either MIL-STD-1760 or DIGIBUS interfacing.

The upgrade further boosts the integration of AL TARIQ’sPGMs with a new “PowerPack” that equips the weapons with a pre-flight power source, as well as greater mission flexibility through leveraging cockpit fuze programmability. Rendering it highly effective in neutralizing its target, the weapons system incorporates the latest Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Receiver technology as well as a highly sophisticated GPS anti-jamming solution.

Theunis Botha, Chief Executive Officer of AL TARIQ said: “Innovation lies at the heart of our operations and is critical to ensure that our weapons remain at the cutting-edge of what is required for the modern-day battlefield. The integration of our first-ever Penetration Warhead reflects the versatility of our PGM systems. We remain focused on providing customers with the solutions they require to maintain the highest levels of effectiveness. Our Block 2 upgrade is also a testament to our commitment to delivering best-in-class capabilities in international markets.”

AL TARIQ is part of the Weapons and Missiles cluster within EDGE, an advanced technology group for defense and beyond that ranks among the top 25 military suppliers in the world.