SOFINS 2023: Crosscall from France presents its ultra-durable CORE-Z5 first 5G smartphone

Crosscall, the French manufacturer of ultra-durable and waterproof smartphones and tablets presents the CORE-Z5, its first 5G smartphone. Never before has Crosscall achieved such power: its Qualcomm Technologies Inc. processor and compatibility with the latest generation networks (5G, WiFi 6/6E) combine to provide optimal service quality in all circumstances.
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The French company CROSSCALL has developed and designed a complete range of shockproof, waterproof smartphones that can be tailored for military and security forces. (Picture source Crosscall)

With proven reliability, durability, and robustness, the CORE-Z5 adapts to the most demanding conditions. As the first 5G smartphone on the market with a comprehensive 5-year warranty, the CORE-Z5 positions itself as a long-term investment for users.

With the CORE-Z5, Crosscall incorporates its most powerful model into its smartphone range, without compromising on the DNA that has made the brand successful. The CORE-Z5 is the first 5G smartphone on the market with a full 5-year warranty. Its Qualcomm® QCM6490 processor was chosen by the French brand's engineers for its performance and the benefits associated with the "Extended Life" program it is part of: operating system updates and security updates are ensured. Certified AER (Android Enterprise Recommended), the CORE-Z5 meets all the security and update requirements related to this certification, as well as simplified deployment and management of mobile fleets in businesses.

The CORE-Z5 is ultra-durable: it complies with the MIL-STD-810H military standard, including repeated mechanical stress tests in exceptional climatic conditions (-25° and +60°) as well as 2-meter drops onto hard surfaces and waterproofing against various liquids (chlorinated water, engine oil, corrosive products, etc.).

Crosscall engineers have paid particular attention to battery life and longevity, which are the most important criteria for users when choosing their smartphones. The CORE-Z5's battery has a large capacity (4,950mAh), which, combined with energy-efficient components, provides 44 hours of talk time. The CORE-Z5 benefits from fast charging, with only 42 minutes required to charge to 50%, as well as reverse charging: users can use the CORE-Z5 as a portable battery to charge a colleague's or friend's phone, or even another device such as headphones or a torch using the included double USB-C cable in its eco-designed packaging.

As for its battery life, it offers 800 charge cycles, allowing users to rely on a device with autonomy as an advantage every day and for several years. The French company hopes to slow down the frequency of mobile phone replacement, a key objective in its commitment to more responsible and sustainable telephony, addressing current environmental and economic challenges.

With a 5-year warranty and a repairability index of 9.1/10, the CORE-Z5 positions itself as a long-term investment for those seeking performance in a thoughtfully designed smartphone built to last longer and be more repairable.