Finland delivered 20 to 30 Sisu XA-185 6x6 armored vehicles to Ukraine

According to information published on the "Juha Salmela" Twitter account on March 21, 2023, Finland has donated 20 to 30 Sisu XA-185 6x6 APCs Armored Personnel Carrier vehicles to Ukraine. The vehicles are operated by the Ukrainian Naval Infantry.
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Sisu XA-185 6x6 armored personnel carrier vehicle. (Picture source Wikimedia)

The Ukrainian Armed Forces' Naval Infantry, also known as the Ukrainian Marine Corps, is a key component of the Ukrainian Navy. It is a highly trained, mobile, and versatile force primarily responsible for amphibious assaults, coastal defense, and other maritime operations. The Naval Infantry plays a vital role in ensuring the security of Ukraine's territorial waters and coastline.

The modern Ukrainian Naval Infantry traces its roots back to the Soviet-era Marine Corps which was part of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet. Following Ukraine's independence in 1991, the Ukrainian Naval Infantry was established as part of the newly formed Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The Naval Infantry is organized into several battalions and other supporting units, with its personnel receiving specialized training in amphibious warfare, reconnaissance, and counter-terrorism. They are also equipped with various types of armaments and vehicles, including infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, anti-tank missile systems, and artillery.

The Ukrainian Marine Corps has participated in numerous joint military exercises with NATO countries, which have helped to enhance its capabilities and interoperability with other armed forces. The Naval Infantry has also been involved in various peacekeeping missions and has played a significant role in Ukraine's defense during conflicts in the region, such as the ongoing war in Eastern Ukraine.

The Sisu XA-185 is a Finnish-made 6x6 armored personnel carrier (APC) designed and manufactured by Sisu Auto. The vehicle was developed in the 1980s to meet the requirements of the Finnish Defence Forces for a highly mobile, versatile, and well-protected APC. The XA-185 is part of the larger Sisu XA series of vehicles, which includes several variants tailored for different roles.

The Sisu XA-185 armored personnel carrier (APC) typically has a crew of 2 and can transport up to 16 infantrymen. The crew consists of the driver and the vehicle commander, while the infantrymen are seated in the rear compartment.

The XA-185 is powered by a diesel engine and features a fully enclosed armored hull providing protection against small arms fire and shell fragments. It has a top speed of around 85 km/h and can carry up to 18 personnel, including the driver, commander, and passengers. The vehicle is designed for both on-road and off-road mobility, with its 6x6 configuration offering excellent traction and maneuverability.