Ukraine requests more military equipment and combat vehicles to Germany

According to information published by the German Newspaper website "SPIEGEL" on March 4, 2022, Ukraine has requested more military equipment and combat vehicles to Germany in support of the fight against Russia.
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German army PzH 2000 155mm self-propelled howitzer. (Picture source U.S. DoD)

Ukraine asks Germany to increase the supply of combat equipment and armored vehicles as part of the fight against the Russian invasion. According to a list published by the German Newspaper SPIEGEL, the acquisition and delivery of the following weapon systems are mentioned:

- Main battle tanks, armored personnel carriers, armored recovery vehicles, armored engineer vehicles, armored mine clearance vehicles, and armored bridges

- Artillery weapon systems including self-propelled howitzers, tank mortars, mortars

- Medium artillery missile systems

- Anti-aircraft missile systems, light anti-aircraft systems with a weapon carrier

- Reconnaissance armored vehicles, armored vehicles, armored emergency and transport vehicles, multi-purpose vehicles, carrier vehicles and additional engines

- Combat and support helicopters

- Reconnaissance and combat drones

- Multirole combat aircraft and transport aircraft

- Mine-hunters, submarines, frigates, corvettes and speedboats

Five days ago, the German Government has approved the delivery of 1,000 Panzerfaust 3 anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger missiles to Ukraine, marking a complete reversal in Berlin's restrictive arms export policy.

In addition, the German army has in recent weeks bolstered its support for eastern Allies. Germany is a major troop contributor to the NATO Response Force (NRFNATO Response Force), currently providing 13,700 servicemen and women. In Lithuania, the German army has increased its contribution to approx. 900 troops for the German-led enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup at NATO’s eastern flank.

Enhanced Air Policing South is a NATO mission that helps to secure the Romanian airspace with Allied air forces. Six German air force Eurofighters are currently deployed to the mission. The German Navy is helping to secure the North Sea, Baltic and the Mediterranean with additional vessels provided to NATO’s maritime task forces.

The German army plans to support NATO Ally Slovakia with company-size infantry forces and with the Patriot air defense missile system.