US approves for Poland monumental $15 Billion Patriot missile defense system sale

WASHINGTON, United States, June 29, 2023 - The United States State Department has given the green light to a potential $15 billion Foreign Military Sale to Poland. The purchase includes Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Battle Command System (IBCS) enabled PATRIOT Configuration-3+ with modernized sensors and components.
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Patriot PAC-3 MSE air defense missile system (Picture source Lockheed Martin)

Poland had requested phase two of a two-phase program for the IAMD Battle Command System (IBCS). This is set to equip the country with a PATRIOT Configuration-3+ system, complete with modernized sensors and components. The requested package includes forty-eight PATRIOT M903 Launch Stations, up to six hundred forty-four PATRIOT Advanced Capability (PAC) 3 Missile Segment Enhanced (MSE) missiles, and forty-eight Launcher Interface Network Kits.

The purchase also includes twelve Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensors (LTAMDS) and twelve Large Tactical Power Systems (LTPS) for the LTAMDS. Additionally, the deal comprises communications equipment, support equipment, generators, spare and repair parts, Global Positioning System PPS receivers, modification kits, and technical, engineering, and logistics support services. These services cover planning, execution, Systems Integration and Checkout (SICO), flight test activities, field office support, and training, among other related elements of logistics and program support.

Raytheon Corporation, based in Andover, MA, Lockheed-Martin Missiles and Fire Control, located in Grand Prairie, TX, and another yet-to-be-selected manufacturer to develop and produce generator sets for the LTPS are the principal contractors.

Offset agreements requested by the purchaser are yet to be defined and will be negotiated between Poland and the contractor(s).

Implementation of this proposed sale will necessitate around forty U.S. Government and/or forty-five contractor representatives to travel to Poland for an extended period. This is to facilitate equipment de-processing/fielding, system checkout, training, and provide technical and logistical support.

This development marks a significant strengthening of Poland's defense capabilities, while also reinforcing the strategic relationship between the United States and Poland. The exact timeline for the implementation of this large-scale project is yet to be announced.

The PAC-3 MSE (Patriot Advanced Capability-3 Missile Segment Enhancement) is an advanced surface-to-air guided missile defense system, designed by Lockheed Martin. It is the most recent and technologically advanced variant of the Patriot missile system.

The primary function of the PAC-3 MSE is to intercept incoming aircraft, cruise missiles, tactical ballistic missiles, and even threats from outer space such as satellites and ballistic missiles. It is capable of multiple simultaneous engagements, providing a robust capability to defend against a wide range of threats.

The PAC-3 MSE missile has an approximate range of around 35 kilometers or 21.7 miles, which is an increase from the 20 kilometers or 12.4 miles of the previous PAC-3. The increased range allows it to defend a larger area and engage threats earlier.

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