Germany reinforces military fleet vehicle with 357 HX trucks from Rheinmetall

The German Bundeswehr recently announced, on June 29, 2023,  its latest acquisition of 357 military trucks from Rheinmetall. The purchase falls under an existing framework contract valued at over 285 million euros.
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Rheinmetall HX3 Military truck (Picture source: Rheinmetall )

This significant order includes a mix of 367 protected and unprotected logistic vehicles. As part of this contract, valued at over 285 million euros, the Bundeswehr will also receive 1,830 swap-body platforms, serving as versatile load carriers. Delivery of these vehicles is expected to be completed by the third quarter of 2023.

This agreement stems from a 7-year framework contract signed in June 2020 between Bundeswehr's military procurement agency, BAAINBw, and Rheinmetall. The contract allows for the acquisition of up to 4,000 swap-body vehicles. To date, over 600 vehicles have been delivered. These new trucks will join the existing fleet of Unprotected Transport Vehicles (UTFs) and expand Bundeswehr's vehicle capabilities.

The swap-body trucks are equipped with a hook-loader, developed by Hiab, enabling the handling of swap-body platforms in various terrains without the need for additional handling equipment. Alternatively, the vehicles can transport a swap-body platform or a container through a standardized 20-foot ISO interface.

To enhance crew survivability, durability, and tactical flexibility, a significant portion of the new swap-body trucks will feature an armored cab. These vehicles are primarily deployed to supply combat formations with essential resources such as ammunition, fuel, and water.

The HX/HX2 truck ranges blend commercial drivelines and chassis with an upgraded military-specific cab. Derived from MAN's TG WorldWide heavy truck line, introduced in 2000, the HX/HX2 ranges utilize a specialized chassis.

The HX vehicles offer good mobility even in challenging terrains. Furthermore, their widespread use among several nations, including the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Hungary, and Denmark, ensures interoperability and optimized logistics during multinational deployments.

This latest acquisition of 357 military trucks by the Bundeswehr from Rheinmetall strengthens the German army's vehicle fleet. Valued at over 285 million euros, this order includes both protected and unprotected logistic vehicles, as well as versatile swap-body platforms. These modern and versatile trucks will contribute to increasing the operational capacity and tactical flexibility of the Bundeswehr.