General Dynamics Land Systems secures $712.3M Stryker contract for US Army

General Dynamics Land Systems, a leading defense contractor, announced on June 26, 2023 a new contract valued at $712.3 million with the U.S. Army. This contract focuses on the delivery of 300 upgraded variants of the Stryker fleet known as Stryker DVHA1 vehicles. The primary objective of this contract is to bolster the capabilities of the existing Stryker brigades, enhancing their overall performance and survivability.
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Stryker DVHA1 vehicle. (Picture source: GDLS)

Since its introduction in 2003, the Stryker has become an integral part of the U.S. Army's operational capabilities. Currently, there are nine Stryker brigades in service, each equipped with over 300 Stryker vehicles.

The Stryker family includes various versions tailored to specific operational requirements, such as the Infantry Carrier Vehicle, Reconnaissance Vehicle, Mortar Carrier, Command Vehicle, Fire Support Vehicle, Engineering Squad Vehicle, Medical Evacuation Vehicle, Anti-Tank Guided Missile Carrier, NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle, and the Infantry Carrier Vehicle - Dragoon (ICVD).

Derived from the Canadian LAV III and Swiss MOWAG Piranha IIIH, the Stryker was initially intended as an interim vehicle until more advanced designs emerged. General Dynamics Land Systems manufactured a variety of Stryker variants, with deliveries of these vehicles taking place between 2002 and 2014, resulting in a total supply of 4,466 Strykers to the U.S. Army.

The DVHA1 variant brings enhanced survivability and increased capabilities in the Stryker family. Equipped with a 450-horsepower engine, a robust suspension, a high-capacity alternator, and an in-vehicle digital network, the DVHA1 aims to improve soldier survivability. These advancements position the Stryker DVHA1 as a next-generation platform for Stryker Brigade Combat Team formations and future operations.

General Dynamics Land Systems envisions the future of the Stryker with the StrykerX and Stryker Leonidas. The StrykerX focuses on enhanced mobility, protection, and firepower through a hybrid propulsion system and an Active Protection System (APS).

The Stryker Leonidas specializes in countering electronic warfare threats, utilizing advanced sensors and jamming systems. These advancements ensure the Stryker remains equipped with cutting-edge technologies for the evolving modern battlefield.