IDEF 2023: Otokar presents its Akrep II Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle

At the IDEF 2023 exhibition, Otokar presents its Akrep II, an armored vehicle equipped with an optional all-wheel-drive system and a rear-steering axle.
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Akrep II Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (Picture source: Army Recognition )

The Akrep II features a drive-by-wire system for its main mechanical components, such as steering, acceleration, and braking. This function allows remote control of the vehicle, integration of driving assistance systems, and opens up possibilities for autonomous driving.

The Akrep II boasts a low-profile design and a flexible infrastructure capable of accommodating various energy sources, including diesel, hybrid, and electric options. The combination of a low silhouette with high-level mine protection and effective firepower enables the Akrep II to provide excellent protection performance. Furthermore, the availability of hybrid and electric propulsion solutions reduces the vehicle's thermal and acoustic signatures.

The Akrep II integrates various weapon systems, ranging from medium to 90mm caliber, an outstanding armament for a vehicle of this small size. Besides its versatility in various roles, it is capable of performing missions such as reconnaissance, armored surveillance, anti-aircraft defense, and advanced observation.

The Akrep II can accommodate a three-man crew (driver, commander, and gunner) and features a compact yet robust design, measuring 5,900mm in length, 2,500mm in width, and standing at 1,975mm above the hull. It offers a ground clearance of 400mm. Its vertical step height of 500mm allows it to overcome various obstacles. The maximum weight of the vehicle is 15,500 kg.

Standard features of the Akrep II include a central tire inflation system (CTIS), puncture-resistant radial tires, ABS, climate control, a heating system, 5-point seatbelts, a floating floor, front and rear towing hooks, a driver's vision system, diagnostic capability, a NATO-standard camouflage system, and LED lighting.