Rheinmetall BAE Systems Challenger 2 LEP main battle tank candidate for UK MOD'S Life Extension Project

The Challenger 2 "Black Night" is no longer an active bid into the UK MOD'S Life Extension Project (LEP). So, RBSL (Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land) presents the Rheinmetall MBT Combat System Solution with the latest generation, lethality, survivability and surveillance and target acquisition systems.
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Challenger 2 MBT to be upgraded for the continuation of its use by the British Army, the picture takes at DSEI 2019 showing the Challenger 2 LEP. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

BAE Systems launched the Black Night demonstrator at the DVD event in September 2018. However, in July 2019, the RBSL was established. RBSL is an independent British joint venture business which was established by Rheinmetall and BAE Systems. Since then, the Black Night is no longer in use and RBSL's only proposed solution for the Challenger 2 LEP is based on the Rheinmetall solution.

RBSL presents the Rheinmetall MBT Combat System Solution with the latest generation, lethality, survivability and surveillance and target acquisition systems together with a fully digitized core architecture, enabling continued growth and future technology exploration. This leverages RBSL’s path into Leopard and other Main Battle Tank upgrade or replacement system programs.

Lethality: most modern 120mm high-pressure L55 main armament. Firing world-class temperature-independent KE tank rounds and unique programmable HE ammunition. Increased first hit capability through the latest sensor and fire control technologies.

Survivability: the new turret structure and the modular armour provide the highest standard of protection for the crew. Provisions are made for the integration of additional hard-kill (Active Defence Systems) and soft-kill (Jamming or Obscuration) Systems.

Surveillance and Target Acquisition: fully digitized, improved long-range commander and gunner primary sights with automatic target detection and tracking for enhanced lethality. Integrated enhanced local, target and battlefield situational awareness into the crew stations guarantee superior fight ability.

Future Growth: the Rheinmetall MBT Technology Solution provides significant growth potential in all combat system-related key capability areas. The new physical, electronic and electrical architecture is ready to support upgrades and new developments over the next decades.

At DSEI 2019, the Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL) joint venture business is demonstrating its expertise in the world of armoured combat vehicles. On show is RBSL’s demonstrator for the Challenger 2 Life Extension Project (LEP), which includes improved fightability, survivability, surveillance & target acquisition, and lethality with the integration of DM11 programmable High Explosive (HE) tank ammunition.

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