United States has also delivered SMAW-D M141 BDM rocket launchers to Ukraine

According to information published by the Ukrainian military magazine "MIL.IN.UA", the United States has delivered SMAW-D 83mm rocket launchers also called M141 Bunker Defeat Munition (BDM) to the armed forces of Ukraine.
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U.S. soldier controls pallets of SMAW-D 82mm rocket launchers which will be sent to Ukraine, on January 21, 2022. (Picture source U.S. DoD)

Pictures were released by the U.S. Department of Defense showing a U.S. soldier that counts pallets of ammunition, weapons, and other equipment bound for Ukraine during a foreign military sales mission at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, January 21, 2022.

Since 2014, the United States has committed more than $5.4 billion in total assistance to Ukraine, including security and non-security assistance. The United States reaffirms its steadfast commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

On January 25, 2022, it was announced that the United States will provide additional Javelin and other anti-armor systems, grenade launchers, munitions, and nonlethal equipment essential to Ukraine’s front-line defenders. The pictures published on the U.S. Government website confirm those grenade launchers sent to Ukraine are SMAW-D also called M141 Bunker Defeat Munition (BDM).

The M141 BDM (Bunker Defeat Munition) is a US-made single-use anti-structure rocket launcher designed to defeat hardened structures. The BDM (Bunker Defeat Munition) is produced by the Finnish company Nammo. The rocket is packaged in a rugged, compact telescoping, a disposable launcher that has all gunner controls needed to aim and fire the weapon.

The SMAW-D operates on the principle that the recoil created by launching the rocket is counteracted by a "backblast" of gases fired from the rear of the weapon. This makes the SMAW-D inherently dangerous, especially in confined, urban areas, as is with all weapons of this design.

The M141 has two configurations: A carry mode in which the launcher is 810 mm (32 in) long, and a ready to fire mode in which the launcher is extended to its full length of 1,400 mm (55 in). The rocket is equipped with a High Explosive, Dual Purpose (HEDP) warhead which is effective against masonry and concrete bunkers as well as lightly armored vehicles. The projectile is capable of penetrating up to 200 mm of armor, 300 mm of bricks, or 2.1 m of sandbags.

United States has also delivered SMAW D M141 BDM rocket launchers to Ukraine 925 002
U.S. Marines fire with SMAW-D rocket launder during a training exercise. (Picture source Nammo)